Things that go Wrong

When things don’t go as we plan, do we give up on sovereignty?

Recently, I ran for public office. Most people think that running for public office would mean that you would be really “bummed” if you do not win the election (nomination in my case). When the result was told me, I not only took it well, I took it as a blessing. Huh?

One of the principles I live by is that God is sovereign in all that happens in the universe. There is not a single photon that is outside of His control. If I really believe that, then there are only several possibilities for losing.

1.     God did not want me to win because he hates me
That sounds encouraging doesn’t it? But that doesn’t make sense. God gave his only son as a ransom to save me from my sin. If he gave his own son for me, how then could I believe that he hates me?

2.     God might be in control, but he just doesn’t care about what happens.
That sounds encouraging as well, doesn’t it? Something which I pour hours into working for what I believe is His honor, he ignores as being unimportant. What I thought was important was actually trivial. See “1” above—if I think it important, it would be something he cares about, because he cares about me.

3.     What I think is good for me, is not what God things is good for me.
That sounds like what I told my children when they were little, before they were old enough to do for themselves. That is encouraging. That means that what I think is good but isn’t good, is not what I will receive from God. What God knows is good is what I’ll receive from him. A much better position to be in from the long run.

God works all things together for good to those that love the Lord, to those who are called according to his purpose. If he works all things together for good, then even what is “bad” is good for the Christian. The “wrong” is not wrong from God’s point of view, but is used to prepare us, teach us, train us, discipline us. We love being in God’s house and his purpose.