One of the most wonderful things I could possibly hope for is the Eternal Election of my children by the God of Heaven. My children are a blessing from the Lord, and nothing I could hope for is more important than salvation for my own family.

After that, about the next most important thing is they would marry well. I’ve been very negligent in posting this here—it has been more than a year since my eldest married. I could not have hoped for a better husband for her. I remember distinctly the first time he visited our home. My daughter had invited Jonathan over, and we started talking. Within minutes, he and I were talking “shop” for lack of a better term—both of us trained in mathematics and computer science. We enjoy each others company tremendously. I think of him as a good friend.


But beyond that, what I could wish more for is someone that will care for and cherish the little girl I know as toothless grin. I remember how much I appreciated that this young man came to me just before the wedding and asked if there were particulars that would help him in understanding and loving the woman he was about to marry. He wanted the perspective of the first man in his soon to be bride’s life knowledge so as to better understand and love that woman.


Something I had not thought about, but that Abigail told me recently—we were talking about the difficulty of moral purity in the society today, and she said that during marriage counseling by the church, there was a statement to the effect that if they went past a certain point kissing, they should call the counselor. What they had both said about that was they would just not kiss at all before marriage. My wife Jean is my second wife—Abigail’s mother died many years ago, and Jean and I went through a quick courtship with marriage about six months later. Abigail picked up on the not kissing until “you may now kiss the bride” from that relationship. God blesses us with more than we deserve, and I am truly blessed.


I had prayed for Jonathan from the day that Abigail was born (not knowing who he was). I continue to pray for them both. May the God that raised Jesus from the dead grant peace and prosperity to the both of them. Amen.