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brian3 007.jpgBrian Withnell

“The society in which we live is the one which we deserve. If we continually complain about “how bad things are” without being willing to do something ourselves, we are only a bothersome noise. If you see what you feel is a problem, and you don’t do anything to correct it, you don’t have any room to complain.”



One of the problems I see in the world today is that people repeat the same “mistakes” all the time. What is it to make a mistake? There are mistakes like adding 3 + 4 and getting 12. Unless one is calculating something as a professional in which others will have to fix what we do (or will be hurt by what we do) it is not a moral defect. Then there are mistakes that are moral defects. These are mistakes that do not have amoral consequences, but have immoral consequences. Violating God’s law is immoral. Looking just at the law concerning our relationship with others: dishonor one’s parents, fail to preserve life, take what does not belong to you, be sexually active outside of Biblical marriage, telling less than the whole truth to someone’s harm, or being jealous of what someone else’s bounty. These are not mistakes like math errors, they are sins. All of these require repentance.

But in this day and age, who uses that term? How many people even know what it means to repent? The idea of repentance includes turning away from the wrong that has been done with a commitment to not do the same wrong again. While repentance is not necessarily perfect — we may very well repeat the same wrong even with our best efforts — it is required of everyone. So many this day want to dismiss a real repentance with “my bad” or “I’m sorry” that they forget that the object of repentance is to not repeat the same error again. If we never get to repentance, and we don’t make this part of our regular expression of what is right and wrong, then we cannot hope to have our society improve. Laws do not improve our society, they are not there to improve people; laws exist to protect innocent people from those that choose to do wrong. (It may be that the punishment imposed will act as a deterrent, and that is their purpose … to change behavior, not the heart.)

If we are to have society to improve, it will only be done through the changed hearts of the people. If we insist that there is nothing wrong with behaviors (that is it is just personal choices, not what is truly right and truly wrong) then we cannot possibly see people repent. We cannot possibly have society improve. We can only have improvement if we call what is right, right, and what is wrong, wrong.

Who is Brian Withnell?

family web.jpgDevoted Christian, husband and father of five who home schools his children out of respect for the free world of thought that is public, yet does not compromise on the religious education of his own children.

One of the most important freedoms we possess in our land is the freedom of religion. If we value this freedom, we need to uphold that freedom for everyone. Those that have differing religions have a need to be sure they can get a quality education for their children. At the same time, they may be in the position of not being able to school their children themselves. For example, a single dad who works to support his children after the death of a spouse may have to send his children to public school. He might not have the money to send them to a private religious school (even inexpensive Christian schools can cost $4000 per child). Now if that dad is a Buddhist, Moslem, or Hindu, he would cringe to have to send his child to a school that taught any other religion. That is why many people feel that public schools should not teach religion.

I certainly would not want to see my child educated in Shinto at school, even if that were the predominant religion of the community. As an alternative, home schooling allows a parent to teach their child in accordance with family beliefs and values, yet still have public schools not teaching a formal religion. (Not that they can do anything but teach some “religious” viewpoint—whatever the axiom set a person chooses, it is still an axiom set.)

Because I believe that Christianity has a message against which “the gates of hell cannot prevail” I do not believe that the message of the cross can be contained. Even when Rome tried to contain it by force of arms (Diocletian circa 300 anno domino) Christianity (and the Bride of Christ, his church) did not perish. Christianity breaks through the gates of hell; it does not allow hell to contain those that are the elect in Christ Jesus.

My wife is a blessing. “He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives blessing from the Lord.” A husband is to love his wife even as he would love his own body. He is to nourish and care for her. The man who does not take care of his wife is lacking in sense. His wife is his greatest asset, and she can be a great blessing. The man who “competes” with his wife does so to his own ruin.

Children are a blessing from the Lord. The man with many sons need not be ashamed when he sits in the gate. I have been blessed with 2 daughters and 3 sons. The ages at present range from a married daughter, to a two-year-old. The riches that I have are greater than those with billions of dollars, but no children.